Rudi Richter qualified as an industrial designer at the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt, Germany, 2003.
Since that he worked as product designer in Frankfurt, since 2013 in Berlin, Germany for companies all over the world.








To exist on the markets for a company its more and more important to elevate the valence and pretension of the own product. Thereby it is a must to elucidate the unique sales points to distance oneself from the market competition. For the positive external representation of a company and its products Design affords a central contribution.


Good Design, harmony between aesthetic and functionality is not only happen at the surface, it penetrates the whole product. By an optimal configuration the product turns towards the user and gains its character and spirit! Purposeful concepts consider and answer the specific demands of the user.


To challenge the senses of humans and to sensitize them makes unconscious conscious and makes handling the object an experience. This is my way to create expressive Design. On the basis modern technologies and intelligent material concepts as well as a good feeling for trends I do design lasting solutions in those the user always recognizes itself.


From the first sketch up to 3D data, model and building of prototypes a close and trusting cooperation between designers and client is the supposition. The solidarity and identification with my partners and a founded knowledge of their enterprises enable an efficient and purposeful cooperation, which reflects itself in the product.